Intel 'confirmed' to use LGA 1700 socket on Alder Lake-S processors

Intel recently released Comet Lake-S processors to cope with AMD Ryzen processors. These processors have implemented the LGA 1200 socket which should serve the company's 11th Generation processors. After this, processors with the LGA 1700 socket should be launched. Now a new leak emphasizes that the Alder Lake-S processors will use the LGA 1700 socket.

We currently know very little regarding Alder Lake-S processors. We know these could be based on Willow Cove architecture and would be based on 10nm lithography. These processors stand out as the first desktop processors to be based on the ARM big.LITTLE system. An architecture that would have been adapted by Jim Keller for Intel.

Intel bx80684i59600k - CPU Intel Core i5-9600k 3.70ghz 9m lga1151 bx80684i59600k 984505, Gray
  • 5th generation intel core i9600 XNUMXk processor with six cores
  • 9600k base speed of 3.7ghz and turbo up to 4.6ghz ex factory
  • Compatible with intel z390 and z370 motherboard, h370, b360, h310

Intel to switch socket on Alder Lake-S processors

Switch to socket LGA 1700 It would be mandatory, in the first place, because it is based on 10nm lithography. In addition to lithography, it would be necessary to change to the core design that imitates that developed by ARM. But the most important factor would be that these Alder Lake-S processors will already support DDR5 RAM.

Note that Koduri a few days ago showed a monstrous GPU (the same size as the EPYC) based on Foveros. This interesting GPU for the AI ​​market is characterized by being the first modular design in history. Intel makes use of a system similar to AMD, but in this case stacking the DIEs and joining them with Foveros 3D.


Despite Intel's policy on sockets, AMD has not finished delivering on promises either. The B550 chipset does not support Zen and Zen + based processors and APUs, only Zen2 and later. Note that the Ryzen 4000 would be the last released by AMD with socket AM4, then the socket could be changed precisely to support DDR5.

Beware, one thing does not take away the other and Intel's socket policy has never been the best. The Z490 motherboards, by design, they could withstand Comet Lake-S and Rocket Lake-S. We have seen how the Z490s are made to support PCI-Express 4.0 and the Comet Lake-S does not support it. This indicates that the Rocket Lake-S will withstand, although it is better to wait to avoid surprises.

Source: momomo

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