Intel Atom: Introduced Tremont Architecture Based on 10nm Lithography

Tremont architecture officially announced for Intel Atom processors that will be based on 10nm lithography, offering great efficiency.

Rumors last week indicated that Intel had dropped 10nm desktop lithography. A few hours later, the company came out to deny this information and claimed that it would launch desktop processors in 10nm. Today the company announced the Tremont architecture for Intel Atom processors based on 10nm. These processors are primarily intended for low-end laptops.

Tremont is an architecture specially developed to offer great single-core performance. Something very interesting is that it will be the first time that Atom processors include L3 cache. Important improvements have been made in terms of power management, achieving significant improvements in performance per watt. Additionally, measures have been added to improve security and compatibility for new types of instructions.

intel atom tremont

Intel Officially Announces Tremont Architecture for Atom Processors

According to the Tremont company, it manages to improve the IPC by up to 30% compared to Goldmont Plus. The Goldmont Plus architecture is the basis for the Atom processors released in 2017 under the 14nm lithography.

Although the new processors improve the IPC, the working frequency of the cores is unknown. This first version of the 10nm processors is not yet fully perfected. The frequencies will be lower than the current 14nm, although the performance should be higher.

The Lakefield variant will be deployed in conjunction with the Tremont cores in the upcoming Sunny Cove. This will allow to achieve an improvement in performance with a reduced consumption. It will not go to smartphones, but will focus directly on the market for tablets, IoT, microservers and other low-power devices.

The first Lakefield processor will be based on LITTLE.big, mounting a high-performance Sunny Cove core and four more efficient Tremont cores. The communication base on which they will be installed is based on 22nm. The plant of the computing area will be manufactured in 10nm.

On Lakefield yes that data have been given. The Tremont cores will work at 2.5GHz and the Sunny Cove cores will reach 3.1GHz and in Boost mode at 3.16GHz. In addition, these processors will support LPDDR4X memories of up to 4MHz.

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