Intel Stratix 10, new special chips for connectivity and telecommunications

Introduced by Intel the Stratix 10 chips, a solution for the professional telecommunications segment, which will be responsible for managing traffic between networks.

The vast majority of you know Intel for its domestic processors and processors aimed at professional segments, but the company manufactures a myriad of high-quality and high-performance solutions. Among others, the company develops special chips for telecommunications and connectivity, devoting many efforts to developing solutions designed to manage Ethernet connectivity. The company brings to Ethernet communication the EMIB system or embedded multi-chip interconnection bridge, which has been the basis for developing the Kaby Lake G that combine Intel processor and AMD RX Vega graphics. The latest featured for communication is the Stratix 10 TX.

This FPGA or programmable gate matrix solution is internally composed of between two and six chiplets. A chiplet is nothing more than integrated circuits embedded in other chips. These solutions have been developed by Altera, a subsidiary of the company. These FPGAs act as transceivers, that is, information transmitters and receivers, which they must manage.

This solution is based on the 14nm process at its central core, while the chiplets are based on the 16nm process of TSMC, which was the company Altera worked with before being acquired by Intel. The chips will have an advanced version of high performance thanks to the HBM2 memories, which will be integrated into the Stratix 10 MX, which will work at 800MHz or 1.0GHz, depending on the model.

The chips will have a maximum communication speed of up to 58Gb / s and will be used for border systems, which are bridge systems that connect the networks of different operators with other networks. Intel has also developed the Stratix 10 SX, with a quad-core ARM architecture processor and the Stratix 10 GX, which makes use of 28Gb / s transceivers.

Source: Anandtech

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