InWin 307: a chassis with a front full of RGB LEDs, completely, unnecessary

It reveals a curious and, why not say it, absurd chassis, the InWin 307, a chassis stands out only for a front full of RGB LEDs, customizable.

During Computex a large number of boxes were seen, but among all the views and all with a lot of tempered glass window and RGB LED lighting, we have now seen a very particular chassis, to say the least. The InWin 307 chassis is a different chassis, which has an air to the InWin 303, but with some important peculiarities. The most curious thing about this chassis is in the front, which has an interactive lighting system, which offers us the possibility of using different effects

The extravagant and unnecessary InWin 307.

This bizarre chassis has a large number of RGB LEDs on the front, which can be configured or customized to your liking and which offer different configurations. We can use it as a clock or we can use it with movement according to the ambient sound, since the chassis has an integrated microphone in the upper area.

It allows you to customize the design of the front, being able to write messages or other parameters and also allows you to adjust the brightness level and customize the colors, to taste. Far from this, it is a simple, normal and ordinary chassis, which does not contribute absolutely anything else, since for the rest of its characteristics or benefits, it is a fairly normal and ordinary chassis.

Another thing is the usefulness or the necessity of this chassis, but come on, we are talking about an absurdity and possibly a prototype, that why deny it, hopefully it does not go anywhere, because it is completely unnecessary for this chassis to reach the market. Likewise, manufacturers are overdoing it with the RGB LED lighting issue, because it is already beginning to reach a rather absurd level.

Source: CCL

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