IRDM Releases New White RGB DDR4 Modules

The polka brand of RAM memories IRDM has presented its new modules with RGB backlight. With this, memories with a totally totally white appearance are added to the brand's catalog, which are the IRDM RGB White DDR4, which were presented during the IFA fair in Berlin.

Due to the growing popularity of equipment and components in this color, the Polish brand is going to offer completely white RGB RAM modules. They affirm that the use of said color is a characteristic that decisively distinguishes them from their competition, not only on the heatsink, but also on the plate itself.

IDRM continues to bet on DDR4 memory with RGB and with style thanks to the white color

Thanks to the use of the color white in an integral way, the IRDM RGB White modules have an extremely sophisticated and distinctive appearance. They are an excellent choice for minimalist aesthetic PCs with RGB backlighting. This will be appreciated by gamers, and also by those people who value that their tools have a sophisticated design and great aesthetic taste.

That is why we see many boxes with transparent sides, so that you can see the internal components, and that is why you are looking for components to have more than just performance, because the equipment is part of the decoration of the room even. For this reason, white is presented as a more sophisticated option that is combined with RGB lights.

All modules with the IRDM logo are made with carefully selected components, and these white RGB effect memory sticks weren't going to be any different. They are based on Micron and SK Hynix memory chips. Its stability and working speed are guaranteed thanks to its 3600 MHz frequency, with latency timings of 18-22-22. Its huge heatsink, also pure white, is made of aluminum to efficiently disperse heat and ensure its effectiveness even with very intensive use. Currently, these new modules are available in a 2×8 GB set. However, the manufacturer has announced the introduction shortly to its range of 2×16 GB kits.

The RGB lighting of the IRDM RGB White DDR4 is presented as something special for the public of gamers and enthusiasts of equipment customization. There are many lighting control options that make it possible to individualize the PC and set your favorite color effects. For users who want to differentiate themselves, it is an advantage to be able to synchronize the lighting with the motherboard, the case, the cooling system, the keyboard, the headphones or the mouse. This process becomes easy because IRDM modules are compatible with motherboards from manufacturers like ASUS ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and ASRock and their RGB control software. The eight LEDs on each individual module make color changes occur smoothly and make the interior stand out from the team.

But not everything is purely aesthetic, because these IRDM RGB White modules work with profiles XMP and AMD Ryzen processors. With this you can easily configure the memory parameters based on your overclocking expectations. IRDME will provide free technical support, and the memories themselves are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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