Hard Drives with SMR - Full Drive List

In recent weeks there has been a lot of controversy regarding the mechanical hard drives with SRM technology. Shingled magnetic recording (SM) technology is the staggered magnetic writing on modern hard drives. This technology has its strengths and weaknesses. A few days ago we reported on Toshiba units with this technology, now all units with this technology.

SMR technology is simply the partial stacking of information in hard drives. This achieves an increase in the information density of each of the platters, but at the cost of writing speeds. For general use there is a problem, but for drives intended for NAS systems, this technology can be a problem.

WD Red 4TB Internal 3.5 "NAS Hard Drive - 5400 RPM, SATA 6 Gb / s, SMR, 256MB Cache - WD40EFAX
  • Compatible Devices: Desktop Computer
  • Western Digital Brand Product
  • In red

Advantages and disadvantages of this technology

  • Increased capacity of hard drives
  • Higher density for each plate
  • Does not affect the lifespan of hard drives
  • Slower write speeds
  • They are not good for NAS setups because of their slow write speeds
  • Under RAID configurations, cache overload and information loss can occur

Western Digital drives with SMR

Seagate drives with SMR

Toshiba drives with SMR

Note: The P300 and L200 units in this list have been confirmed by Toshiba, the rest of the units, not

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