NVIDIA could launch the GTX 1100/2000 Series for notebooks later this year

It is leaked that Gigabyte could launch the Gigabyte Aero 15X laptop by the end of the year, which would implement an NVIDIA GTX 1100 Series or GTX 2000 Series graphics card.

We have spent months with many dimes and diretes about the new NVIDIA graphics cards, of which curiously, only quite vague rumors and no benchmarks have been leaked. We do not know what the company is preparing for the desktop market, but it has been leaked in the Overclocker UK forums that Gigabyte would plan to update its Gigabyte Aero laptop for the Aero 15X model, which would arrive at the end of this year and that I would mount a new NVIDIA graphics card, which may be called GTX 1100 Series or GTX 2000 Series (yes, even that is not known)

We are facing a peculiarity, since the versions of graphics cards for laptops usually arrive much later than the desktop versions, but it seems that the company is thinking about a simultaneous launch, unless they surprise us and present the new GPUs in l Computex from Taipei. To give us an idea of ​​how NVIDIA works, the GTX 1080 was launched on May 27, 2016, but the laptop versions did not arrive until August 15, 2016.

Little is known about the new charts. NVIDIA said it was waiting for the GDDR6 memories from Micron, which began to be produced in mass in April and it is considered by both companies that until June there will not be enough memory stock to be able to launch graphics cards with a stock to match. . If we measure the deadlines, in September there should be plenty of graphic assemblies.

So, if things are going well, let's not rule out that NVIDIA takes advantage of Computex to officially present them, showing engineering models or perhaps making some hidden advance, as AMD did on several occasions with the AMD RX Vega, which gave more laps than a spinning top last year.

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  1. alexa veronica says:

    I think that Nvidia is already at the height of the fatigue of being explaining that their GTX series are listed in decimals not thousands.
    For example:
    All company cards from series 2xx to 10xx, are understood as 10 80 and are pronounced ten eighty and not as one thousand eighty, because they are divided into series and model,
    series 8 model 70 - series 10 model 60 - series 10 model 80 ti _ – _ SERIES 11 MODEL 80,
    and not series 2000 because if so we would already be in series 11000.

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