NVIDIA RTX 3090 on Ethereum goes up to 122MH / s

New NVIDIA Ampere architecture graphics cards deliver unprecedented gaming performance. The most powerful model is the RTX 3090, which has 24GB GDDR6X and has been developed for 8K @ 60FPS gaming. But this RTX 3090 chart would also be very efficient for mining Ethereum, a cryptocurrency that depends a lot on the amount of memory.

According to the performance tests revealed, the graphics card would offer between 120-122MH / s on Ethereum. The tests have been carried out with the Dagger Hashimoto mining software. However, offering so much power does not have to mean high profitability. The RTX 3090 costs 1.549 euros and then you have to count the consumption of it, but Ethereum is below 350 euros.

NVIDIA RTX 3090 would offer up to 122MH / s on Ethereum

The performance of the NVIDIA RTX 3090 in mining software for Ethereum offers very good performance. But then you have to take into account the consumption, the price of it and the return on investment. That it offers 122MH / s is very striking, but you have to know how much this graph generates per month.

The NVIDIA RTX 3080 has also been passed under the Hashimoto software with the same parameters as the RTX 3090. The RTX 3080 in Hashimoto with the 100% Power Limit with overclocking achieves about 89MH / s with a consumption of 320W. For its part, the RTX 3090 under the same parameters and without overclocking offers 120-122MHs with a consumption of 350W. The RTX 3090 offers almost 32.5% more performance than the RTX 3080 (without overclocking)

Although for practical purposes the NVIDIA RTX 3080 is a better graphics card for Ethereum mining than the RTX 3090. This is because the RTX 3080 is cheaper, costing almost half of the RTX 3090.

Power limitConsumptionHash rate (stock)Hash rate (OC)
RTX 3090 (PL 100%?) 350W 120,9 MH / s?
RTX 3080 (PL 100%) 320W 81,2 MH / s 89,1 MH / s
RTX 3080 (90%) 290W 81,3 MH / s ~ 89.5 MH / s
RTX 3080 (80%) ~ 255W ~ 80.9 MH / s ~ 88.4 MH / s
RTX 3080 (70%) ~ 225W ~ 80.7 MH / s ~ 87.8 MH / s
RTX 3080 (65%) ~ 210W ~ 79.8 MH / s ~ 86.0 MH / s
RTX 3080 (60%) ~ 193W ~ 60.2 MH / s ~ 61.3 MH / s
Volta architecture in NVIDIA TITAN V improves DirectX 12 support

Source: VZ

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