AMD believes the x86 architecture still has a lot to offer, despite Apple's decision

Apple's decision to switch to ARM architecture processors can be a double-edged sword. During AMD's call to present financial results, Lisa Su, the company's CEO, made it clear that she continues to rely on the x86 architecture. It is a forceful response from AMD to Apple, who wants to create a increasingly closed ecosystem.

A bet, that of Apple, quite risky. Computer software is based on CISC instructions, so the software is optimized for them. Apple moves to ARM with RISC instructions, which are based on simplified instruction sets. This for smartphone and similar is very good, but it is not known to what extent the change will be good and complete.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - Wraith Stealth Heatsink Processor (35MB, 6-Core, 4.2GHz, 65W)
  • Default TDP / TDP: 65W
  • Number of CPU cores: 6
  • Max Boost Clock: Up to 4.2GHz
  • Thermal Solution (MPK): Wraith Stealth
  • PCI Express version: PCIe 4.0 x16

AMD thinks x86 architecture is fine, despite Apple's decision

Of course, analysts have been concerned about Apple's bid to stop using x86 processors. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, has made it very clear that the x86 architecture still has a lot to offer. What's more, Su highlights that: “and I think it's less of an ARM vs. x86 and more on the performance or other capabilities your ecosystem can provide "

AMD can provide the processor performance, power consumption, price / performance ratio, and capabilities that are very competitive and are the best on the market.

Lisa Su, CEO of AMD

One decision, Apple's, fueled by Intel's recent problems with its processors. And it is that the Cupertino company, after 15 years thinking about it, in the end they have decided on their own processors. Among others, the company seeks to create tailored solutions and create an increasingly closed ecosystem. The great solution has been to opt for ARM architecture SoCs adjusted to their requirements.


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