QNAP Introduces Dual-Port 28GbE SFP25 Network Expansion Card

The marac specialized in storage solutions QNAP has recently presented a new two-port 28GbE SFP25 network expansion card. This model is designed to be used both on NAS systems and on PCs with Windows or with Linux.

Equipped with the Intel Ethernet controller E810-XXVAM2, the QNAP QXG-25G2SF-E810 card supports PCIe Gen 4, making it backward compatible with PCIe Gen 3 as standard; and can be installed on a QNAP NAS. It can also be installed on Windows or Linux servers and workstations.

A network card for today's business needs

As businesses are asking to upgrade to enterprise-grade, low-latency 25GbE speeds, this card model is ideal for server rooms, virtualization applications, multimedia streaming, real-time editing, and data backup and restoration.

With two SFP28 25GbE ports, the QXG-25G2SF-E810 card supports a bandwidth of up to 50Gbps enabling the use of SMB Multi-Channel to add multiple network connections, ideal for accelerating large file sharing and intensive data transfer.

Its network offload support allows the QXG-25G2SF-E810 card to improve network efficiency. It is presented as an ideal complement for data centers and the use of I/O-intensive and latency-sensitive virtualization applications. The QNAP QXG-25G2SF-E810 card complements perfectly with the TS-h2287XU-RP NAS model, because it allows you to connect more terminals. If combined with a 25GbE network switch, you can create a scalable, ultra-high-speed network environment, which above all, is especially profitable.

The QXG-25G2SF-E810 card requires drivers in Windows and Linux, including Windows 11, Windows Server 2022 y Ubuntu LTS 20.04. Users can download device drivers from Intel's official website.

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