Ryzen 3000: Performance Improvement on AMD Processors Between Review BIOS and 'Retail' BIOS

Everything indicates that with more polished BIOSes, the AMD Ryzen 3000 processors will offer significant performance improvements.

The problems that were seen with the first Ryzen, seem to be repeated with these new AMD Ryzen 3000. It seems that there are problems with the RAM memories, some games are not launched and there are problems in Open Source operating systems. This would be normal, for making the leap to Zen2 architecture. Something that will be corrected in future BIOS updates, which will provide improvements in terms of frequencies.

The biggest problem with the Ryzen, from the start, has been the BIOS. AMD processors rely heavily on it to optimize and perform better. There have even been problems with the frequencies of the RAM, requiring compatible modules. With the passage of time the problems are corrected and they already bring out the best of themselves.

Upcoming BIOSes for the AMD Ryzen 3000 would improve performance.

Everything points to the AGESA BIOS being far from polished. It appears that the manufacturers have implemented them in a hurry for backward compatibility. According to all the data, future updates from AGESA should offer important improvements.

Anandtech o Gamer Nexus have seen serious problems regarding the operation of the frequencies. These two media have compared AGESA and AGESA and there is an improvement in the frequencies. In the first case, we see how the processors initially worked more slowly. Anandtech makes it clear that with the new BIOS, better results can be obtained.

amd ryzen 3000 bios anandtech

Gamer Nexus with the Ryzen 9 3900X gets 3FPS ​​more with the new BIOS in GTA V and 1.6FPS more in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Something that shows that these processors have the capacity for improvement.

Also when RAM memory support is improved, performance will increase. We already know that the Ryzen depend a lot on the frequency of the RAM. This is because Infinity Fabric relies on the frequency of the RAM to give the best of these processors. It is evident that the AMD Ryzen 3000 have a great room for improvement.

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