Samsung Exynos SoC with AMD Radeon RDNA iGPU coming to market in 2023

Samsung and AMD have been working on developing a powerful smartphone SoC for quite some time. Samsung would be in charge of the computing cores and AMD would be developing an RDNA-based GPU. The information on this SoC at the moment is very limited and we do not know very well how things are going, except for some rumors that indicate that it is going very well.

AMD's RDNA architecture is very powerful, apparently especially for embedded solutions. We have seen how AMD's Vega architecture performs better in APUs than in a dedicated solution. On the performance of this Exynos chip with Samsung cores and AMD graphics we have little data, but it would be quite promising.

First Samsung Exynos SoC with AMD Radeon RDNA GPU by 2023

New rumors suggest that the collaboration between Samsung and AMD is likely to last a long time. The first Exynos SoC that integrates Radeon graphics would not arrive until 2023 and it is said that it would receive the name of Exynos 9925. This chip will use next-generation Cortex cores that would provide great power and a graphics solution based on AMD RDNA.

So for now the Exynos chips will continue to integrate ARM Mali graphics for the next few years. The Mali graphics offer good performance, but they are a far cry from the Adreno graphics used in the Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs.

Although we are talking about RDNA, we cannot download a graphical solution that is a more modern revision of this architecture. It could be the case that it was RDNA2 and even that the integrated graph was RDNA3. Furthermore, the performance of these solutions, according to the first rumors, would be much better than expected.

It will be a matter of time and patience to learn more about these processors with AMD graphics. If these data are confirmed, Samsung would have given the bell.

Dr Ian Cutress projects that by 2050 we could have a processor with up to 1024 cores

Source: wccftech

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