ASUS workers leak GitHub passwords by mistake

New bundle in ASUS, in this case it seems that workers have leaked the passwords of the official repository of the company on GitHub.

This week has been one of the worst for ASUS in a long time. It was announced this week that they had had an attack on their servers, injecting malware into updates. Following that incident, now employees have mistakenly leaked corporate passwords from GitHub. This is sure that the company management does not like it at all and that it comes in a complete moment. We are talking about a major security breach that will surely have consequences.

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ASUS workers leak GitHub passwords due to accidents

This problem has been discovered by SchizoDuckie, a security researcher who has found this security problem. Information that has been verified by various US media.

The security researcher has shown several screenshots that verify this information. The problem is that several ASUS workers, by accident, shared the passwords in an email. It is not very serious that it is in the GitHub repository, but it is a very important error. From the company they have stressed that they are conducting a complete investigation in this regard.

They wanted to make it clear that they are going to certify that there have been no serious problems or other security flaws. There are currently no guarantees that a sensitive data breach has not occurred. However, it could also be the case that malicious attackers could have carried out a phishing attack using this system.

The only positive part is that it was a computer security researcher who got this data. The problem would be very serious if these passwords had fallen into the hands of malicious attackers. The week in terms of security has been quite tough for ASUS and they will surely seek to develop new security protocols to avoid all these incidents.

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