TSMC is working on the creation of quantum processors

Semiconductor maker TSMC is working hard on the development of quantum processors supported by the Taiwanese government.

The race for quantum computing is very intense and no one wants to be left behind in this field. Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology is heavily supporting the development of quantum computers. This organization affirms that TSMC is the "only industrial actor in the projects." The information indicates that the IBM Q quantum cloud computing platform is involved in the project. The Taiwanese government offers an annual subsidy of about two million euros for 'each approved research program'


TSMC is developing quantum processors

TSMC is currently one of the world's largest processor manufacturers and is at the forefront. The company is the first to offer chips in the 7nm lithography from AMD and NVIDIA. The field of quantum computing is a very new field and TSMC will be working hard on the manufacturing process.

“The ministry recently approved three special projects proposed by research teams from National Taiwan University, National Central University and National Cheng Kung University, and the projects will last for five years,” official sources have said.

The company is doing research in the development process looking to overcome the limitations of conductors using low temperatures. These quantum computing chips require nodes with advanced manufacturing processes.

“Most of the officials said that quantum computers can solve many problems that existing computers cannot solve, and they are also capable of processing extremely large data. Next generation computers may be the most ideal for application in new materials design, cryptography, chemistry, biomedicine, computer simulation and pharmaceutical sectors.”

Source: Digitimes

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