Inno3D adds a sticker to its NVIDIA graphics warning that they will not cover warranty if it is used for mining

Inno3D begins to add a sticker to its NVIDIA GPU graphics cards warning that if its graphics cards are used for mining, the warranty will not be covered.

While AMD has released specific drivers for cryptocurrency mining, NVIDIA has not yet excelled in this field either with drivers or with a specific product for cryptocurrency mining. It should be noted that AMD graphics are more efficient for Ethereum and NVIDIA for Zcash. Custom models for cryptocurrency mining will have a limitation of 30 days exclusively, because graphics cards are not normally designed to be working intensively and continuously. These mining charts should come with a price and should offer improvements over the base models.

The exclusive solutions are not yet available to the general public, moreover, they may not be sold directly to the general public, but to mining experts. Right now the miners are opting for gamer graphics because there are no more options and of course, in Spain we have a two-year guarantee by law, while in other countries the guarantees are limited to twelve months. It is possible that the graphics will not reach the market and will only be sold to a specialized public that accepts the guarantee conditions, all in a somewhat underground way.

We do not have data, but there is a possibility that the RMA of graphics cards has increased worldwide, since it has nothing to do with intensive use for a few hours a day, for example, three hours a day, than to be operating in such a way. continued with intensive calculations twenty-four hours a day, seven a week. Miners, we must emphasize that they are looking for the best graphics cards, with a quality cooling solution and that are economical, with an adjusted consumption, since direct costs, such as the price of the graphics card or energy consumption, are very important , since the sooner you recover the investment, the sooner they are benefits.

First prices of the Intel Core i9 9900KF, Core i7 9700KF, Core i5 9600KF

Inno3D is one of the brands that has started to warn about the reduction of RMA possibilities, because it would have been economically affected. After the arrival of so many RMs, this NVIDIA assembler would have started to add a sticker that warns that 'it reserves the right to void the warranty if there is any damage associated with this application', making clear reference to cryptocurrency mining. The problem is that it is quite difficult to prove that the graphics card has been used for cryptocurrency mining.

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