Intel wants the iGPU to do the virus scanning tasks and ease the processor load

Detecting viruses and security problems by antivirus will be more agile and efficient, since Intel works to pass this workload from the CPU to the iGPU, something that will reduce detection times, CPU load and it will be more efficient.

The integrated graphics in the Intel processors are used to take video and little else, they are not used to play, because they are rubbish, to put it in a medium fine way. This year is being the year of security threats and vulnerabilities and it seems that Intel wants to help and that is why the iGPU, that thing integrated in the processor, which is of little use, helps in the task of scanning and detecting malware , thus reducing threat detection time.

"With accelerated memory scanning, file scanning is handled by Intel's integrated graphics processor, allowing for faster scanning and reducing the impact on performance and power consumption," said Rick Echevarría, Vice President of Intel's platform security division.

'Early benchmarks on Intel test systems show that CPU utilization fell from 20 percent to just 2 percent'

This new Intel security threat detection technology will be compatible with Coffee Lake, Skylake and Coffee Lake processors, allowing systems to use the iGPU for virus detection instead of the processor. Currently virus scanning tasks depend on the processor, which has the mission of detecting memory-based attacks, but this causes a severe loss of performance. Intel wants the iGPU to do this job, reducing the load on the CPU, improving performance and power consumption.

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For the implementation of this technology, they have partnered with Microsoft, so Windows Defender will possibly be the first to use this enhancement. The company is also working with other major antivirus vendors to implement this important enhancement.

Source: TheVerge

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