Intel solves a 10-year security hole

The remote management tools that Intel introduced to its enterprise chips 10 years ago contained a vulnerability that allowed an attacker to control exploited networks and devices.

This type of vulnerability does not affect normal PC users, as a series of conditions normally present in the business world must be met; Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), Intel Standard Manageability (ISM), and Intel Small Business Technology (SBT). The AMT service that presents the vulnerability is the vPro utility. If vPro is enabled in conjunction with AMT, it is possible for a user to run a malicious exploit taking over the system without the operating system being aware. This occurs because the error is in the hardware, not the software.

Even if the affected technologies are not used, the processors are still vulnerable, but not through the internet.

This exploit was discovered in March 2017, and now Intel releases a series of updates for all the affected ranges, being those that are between the Nehalem family up to the latest processors, Kaby Lake. While it is true that this update has to be cryptographically signed and distributed by manufacturers, it is expected to reach consumers in the coming weeks. The company also released a number of available problem mitigations here!.

Source: TheRegister

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  1. ds23ytube says:

    What was discovered now tells me that they left the issue parked for 10 years to remove the iron from the matter and avoid being denounced by large companies.

    1. Andres Moreno says:

      The truth is that if they repeated it over and over again for generations ... it makes us think, the same we are even on another vulnerability and we are not aware yet.

    2. alxSoft says:

      It is the same as with OS X, it brings several security holes of many years, that until they begin to be exploited more frequently they fix them, but in reality the companies are aware that they exist in advance

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