Dropbox abandons its unlimited storage plan because they used it to mine cryptocurrencies

Dropbox had an unlimited storage plan, but they have had to remove it because people have abused it to get money from it. Its unlimited business plan, following a spike in suspicious activity, has been discontinued.

In a blog post, Dropbox says they've seen an increase in the number of people using the Advanced plans. They saw that it was not to run a company or organization, but for purposes such as cryptocurrency mining like Chia or reselling storage.

Dropbox gave unlimited storage but didn't think it would be abused

Dropbox claims that bad actors “often consume thousands of times more storage than our genuine enterprise customers, which risks creating an unreliable experience for all of our customers“. They already had in their policies that they prohibit abusive behavior, but they believe that a set of acceptable use restrictions would be unfeasible.

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Therefore, they are going to move to a metered use model. Gradually moving current users to modified Advanced plan from November 1. Customers will receive at least 30 days' notice before Dropbox migrates them to the new policy. More than 99% of Advanced plan customers use less than 35TB of storage per license, which can continue to use the amount of storage they are using at the time they receive the migration notification, plus an additional 5TB of pooled storage for five years price increase.

Those using more than 35TB of storage per license will receive a similar offer, but only for one year. All versions of the Advanced plan will have a maximum of 1.000 TB of storage.

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