Adding a WhatsApp group without consent carries a fine of 1.000 euros

Who has not happened that a friend, family member or known contact has added a massive WhatsApp group without consent? For many it is worth simply leaving the group and possibly blocking the person to whom it has been introduced, but that actor can add to a WhatsApp group without consent, it can end in fines.

Keep in mind that adding someone to a WhatsApp group implies sharing a direct contact number. This is considered sensitive data since leaking a number can lead to unwanted calls and messages, or be used for identity theft.

Before adding someone to a group, ask

This case has happened to a sports club in Córdoba that added without their consent and ten years after their relationship ended, the phone number of a former partner to an official WhatsApp group. There it is seen that a personal data has been used without their permission without their permission for commercial purposes, and that it has been exposed to other users.

La sentence of the case has ruled that the confidentiality of your personal information and other infractions of the Organic Law on Data Protection has not been guaranteed. In the case of having been a larger company and with totally commercial purposes, they could have been fined 20 million euros or a percentage of their business volume. But being a small sports club and it was seen that its negligence was unintentional, the punishment was four fines of 1.000 euros each.

Twitter sold data to Cambridge Analytica in 2015

These fines are because the fact of adding the former member to a WhatsApp group implies that they have kept personal data longer than necessary, they have used it without their consent, and they did not guarantee their confidentiality, which entails two infractions. Remember that in a WhatsApp group all numbers are public and others can consult them. But do not go reporting if your friend puts you without warning in a group to organize a birthday or some case seems given that the law specifies that Personal data processing is not applied if it is done by a natural person for personal activities. In other words, the complaint was only possible because it was done by a legal person for commercial purposes.

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