New York proposes that the social media API should be publicly accessible

Access to the API of social networks a hot topic when they are becoming more and more useful. Months ago, Elon Musk said to limit them in Twitter and as a result millions of automated bots have to use external scripts and numerous publications have to publish their texts on Twitter manually, or pay for it. In cases like this, New York proposes that the social media API should be freely accessible, and this easily escalated to the rest of the world.

According to TechDirt, New York State Senator Brad Holyman-Sigal has introduced a bill to require social media websites to provide an openly accessible API so that others can build on top of it. New York would force social media platforms to provide free data to apps that allow users to block hate speech.

New York wants social media APIs released

Given the possible case of scenarios such as that of Cambridge Analytica, law will allow blocking that access in those cases. There would be exceptions in which access to the API may be blocked if a user presents a risk to the security of the platform or users.

It must be taken into account that the use of the API is one of the ways that small projects have to collect information or disseminate it without having to have a dedicated person. And by doing so, they achieve faster and more precise results.

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Elon Musk hasn't done well with the idea of ​​limiting the API to Twitter users. This API is being used at most to place advertising and place fraudulent links, uses that seek to obtain financial returns at the expense of the quality of use of regular users. If you use Twitter, you will have noticed that you like many accounts of girls selling dating or sexual services, and these are the most widespread use case of the API after having set a price. Furthermore, it remains to be seen how the New York resolution affects whether it would only be used in the State, if it is applied at the federal level or if doing so ensures that the APIs are open to agents from all over the world.

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