Leave Facebook for a month and you'll be happier, according to a study

They publish a study that says that users who leave Facebook aside are happier, interact more with the environment and acquire new hobbies.

Social networks have become a part of everything we do throughout the day. Among the most popular is Facebook, which is also in the eye of all controversies. This social network has been plagued by constant problems regarding user privacy and how it manages information for more than a year. Now a study reveals that those users who stop using the social network are happier.

If you leave Facebook for a month you will be happier

Study carried out by the University of New York in collaboration with Stanford University, shows that those users who leave the social network for a month are happier. This study highlights that users who left Facebook aside could feel happier with their lives. The study also analyzes that some users are less anxious, depressed and even decrease the level of feeling of loneliness in their life.

Not only this, since users who parked Facebook for a month found new hobbies or things to do in their daily lives. Simple actions such as family conversations, relationships with friends or an increase in the time used to watch series and movies were increased.

This study also highlights that by not having this interconnection, the level of knowledge about the present was greatly reduced. A small enough toll to have a fuller life and be less stressed.

On a personal level, I must say that last year I left the social network quite a bit and I haven't had the application on my smartphone for two years and I don't miss it. I keep up to date with the news and focus more on my daily chores. Maybe this study is not so wrong.

Source: engadget

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