Facebook and Instagram will have paid feeds without ads to avoid angering the European Union

Meta has been heavily monitored by the European Union for several years because they ask users for a huge amount of data for using Facebook and Instagram. Such is the amount of data they request that they have not been able to release Threads in Europe, because the data they request may not be permitted by the European Union. Since they have to comply with giving users the option of not being tracked for ads, there will be an option not to show you ads on Facebook or Instagram.

What's the trick? Which will be paid. And that this payment option will be the way in which Meta will be able to circumvent certain European Union regulations regarding the processing of users' personal data and the use of advertising.

Facebook without ads is paid

As reported by The Verge, Meta has launched a paid subscription that will remove ads from Facebook and Instagram. It is available throughout the European Union and will be offered for about 10 euros per month on the website, with the price increasing if you buy it through the iOS and Android apps. The subscription is a response to complaints from the European Union about Meta's advertising targeting and data collection practices.

The idea is that, technically, users can choose between paying for the service to remove advertising targeting or using the service for free but thereby consenting to its data collection practices. They hope to comply with privacy requirements established by European laws.

Mark Zuckerberg presents Meta

The ad-free subscription will only be available to those over 18 years of age. It will apply to all linked Facebook and Instagram accounts, and Meta will end up charging extra for linked accounts. Starting March 1, 2024, there will be an additional fee of 6 euros on the web or 8 euros on iOS and Android for each linked account. It will only be launched in areas with strict protection of consumer data, which makes it clear that it is only being done to continue operating in certain territories.

But there will be many people who use it. People spend a lot of time on Instagram and want to see the posts of their friends and followers more easily, the same as on Facebook. Pay to not have videos that distract you and they ask you to buy something could be for many users an option to use those apps more intensively.

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