Facebook prepares a Supreme Court that will have more power than Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook prepares an internal body that will decide on the content and certain actions of the company. His decision is final and even CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself will have to heed him.

Facebook has released new documents detailing the company's plans for a content oversight board, which would serve as a kind of Supreme Court for the platform. In a meeting with reporters on Tuesday, Facebook said it expects to have the full-staff meeting by the end of this year, and gave more details on how the board will function and be governed.

Last November, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a blog post outlining his plan to create what would be a Supreme Court for Facebook. Once fully staffed, the body will be in charge of adjudicating appeals from users whose content has been removed from Facebook platforms. It will also issue judgments on the cases referred by the company itself.

A court will decide on appeals of content on the social network

"The council will be an advocate for our community, supporting people's right to free expression and ensuring that we fulfill our responsibility to keep people safe.Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post. “As an independent organization, we hope you give people the confidence that their opinions will be heard and that Facebook does not have the maximum power over their expression.".

Facebook has promised that the supervisory body will be operational in November next year. Today, the company laid out how members would be chosen and how they would influence moderation on the company's platforms.

According to the Facebook letter posted Tuesday, the oversight board will start with at least 11 members and is "likely to be 40 members" when fully staffed. Each board member will serve no more than nine years, divided into three-year terms. The positions will be part-time, although the meeting will be staffed by a full-time staff to review submissions and conduct research. Member names and moderation decisions will also be made available in a public database that can be searched online.

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However, the board can also be divided into different “panels” to focus on more specific content assignments. Board members may remain anonymous if their safety is a concern in a specific case.

Facebook says it hopes to fill the oversight board with people from different backgrounds. “There will be a group of people serving on this board that will make different people within that group uncomfortable,” Facebook director of governance and global affairs Brent Harris told reporters. “We believe that by building and constituting the board we truly represent the diversity in the makeup of this institution".

Once the board is in place, content cases will be submitted by Facebook users and the company itself, with the board having the final say on which cases to hear. “In its selection, the board will seek to consider cases that have the greatest potential to guide decisions and policies in the future.“says the letter.

To file a complaint, a user must have exhausted all appeals in the moderation system that Facebook already has in place. The statute provides that users submit written statements to argue their specific cases of moderation. Other decisions, such as whether users could testify in person, are still under consideration by the future board.

"The board's decision will be binding, even if I or someone on Facebook disagrees with itMark Zuckerberg said in a blog post on Tuesday. “The board will use our values ​​to inform its decisions and explain its reasoning openly and in a way that protects the privacy of individuals.".

Although the board's decisions will be made available to the public, the details of the public disclosure are not yet clear. Facebook said it had not yet determined how to balance the privacy of users whose complaints about content are heard by the board and the transparency of the board's decisions. It remains to be seen if this independent body serves to silence the monopoly accusations for which they want to see Mark's private emails.

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