Google Drive users report that they have requested their data and files

When we save our files to Google Drive, we hope that they are safe and not lost, and that we can access them through our Google account and share them with others. But recent events seem to indicate that Google Drive would be losing our files and data.

Multiple Google Drive users have suffered data loss, as reported this week. About 350 users have been affected so far, including some who pay for the most premium levels of Google Drive. It is not a large number of users knowing how immense Google Drive is, but there is the possibility that it will be our turn too.

There is loss of files and data in Google Drive that affects users

As reported by Bleeping Computer, complaints began to accumulate on Google's support forum. In some cases, users have found that They are losing data since May of this year, which should help Google narrow the timeline a bit for their research.

Google Drive and Google Photos logos

Google has recognized the problem and is investigating it. Support staff recommends users Do not disconnect any Drive accounts or move the app data folder while the cause is investigated.

The exact cause of the issue remains undisclosed as the investigation is ongoing. And of course, we have to remember that it is necessary to make numerous backup copies. We dedicate a long text to the students who lose their laptops and pen-drives with all their notes, which was all about “make more backups.” Although cloud copies are good options, for very important things you have to make physical backups, either on a External SSD, or a NAS that serves as alternative to Google Drive

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