Pornhub and XVideos will have to ask users to verify their age because they are too old

If you are a European user of Porhnub and XVideos, in a few months you will have to verify that you are old enough to consume the content there. This isn't because they suddenly want to make sure that only adults see mature content, but because It is imposition of European Union as part of the regulation of Digital Services Act.

This is because the two websites have been considered large enough in traffic to have to verify the age of users. And it will not simply be a notice in which we put the date, but we will have to be registered and with that registration, we will verify our age with an official State document. This would be comparable to the regulation in Spain to Genshin Impact and other games with lootboxes, which need verify identity the DNI.

Pornhub and XVideos are going to ask for your ID in the future

It must be understood that they must comply with European regulation, and before losing EU traffic, they will comply with the regulation. This should also prevent minors from viewing the content. Although it will also make creators and users, afraid to verify their identity for several different reasons, go to other websites.

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The pan-European regulation imposes a series of additional requirements on designated platforms that have more than 45 million monthly users on average in the region. The Commission, which is responsible for monitoring compliance with the AEPD, has reiterated that creating a safer online environment for children is a law enforcement priority.

Other DSA obligations for large online platforms include documenting and analyzing any specific systemic risks that their services may pose with respect to the dissemination of illegal content, and content that threatens fundamental rights. They must also apply mitigation measures to address the risks related to the dissemination of illegal content online, and content that affects fundamental rights. This includes cases of non-consensual sharing of intimate material online, or the use of pornography deepfake.

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