Temu denounces Shein for “being like a mafia with sellers”

If you are one of those who try to save by shopping in online stores, you will already know Temu and Shein. They are two of the largest marketplaces that make products from different manufacturers throughout the world directly available to consumers, especially from China. It is undeniable that they operate in a similar way, with Shein being better known for clothing, and some rivalry and competition is understandable, until recently Temu has started the complaint process to Shein by, according to them and as reported by The Verge; “use mafia-like intimidation techniques with manufacturers".

In the lawsuit filed Wednesday, Temu claims that “Shein has deployed increasingly aggressive strategies to illegally interfere in Temu's businessAccording to Temu, the techniques include intimidating merchants who list their products on both online shops and issuing tens of thousands of illegitimate copyright takedowns.

Temu says that Shein behaves like a mafia towards the manufacturers

Shein has recently gone so far as to falsely imprison merchants who do business with Temu, even detaining merchant representatives at Shein offices for many hours, while Shein confiscates merchants' electronic devices, thereby gaining access to proprietary information. of Temu through merchants' seller accounts and threatening merchants with penalties for doing business with Temu.

Temu's lawsuit against Shein

The lawsuit claims that more than 100.000 images are uploaded to Temu every day and that it receives an average of 170 copyright takedown requests per day. 63% of them would come from Shein, according to Temu.

Both companies clearly have competition, since they both go to the economic classes that most seek to take advantage of the money they can afford to spend on clothes or small whims. Although Shein is focused on clothing, Temu is more general and they could coexist, but the clothing business is very large and they seek to be the reference app. Especially this last year, when Temu has been promoting itself around the world by opening up and leaving China, with ads in the Superbowl and sponsoring Youtubers such as fashion influencers and more demographics, such as the Ferrallas y Movidas channel focused on the male audience.

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