Participants of Mr. Beast challenges accept them to pay their debts

YouTuber Mr Beast is known for his videos in which he engages in somewhat extreme philanthropy, in which puts participants in challenges to win money,. All of these challenges are recorded to make YouTube videos, and get sponsors and advertising visits. At first one might think that they are helping young people achieve great whims, as TV contests often do, but many They are accepting it to pay debts, especially medical debts due to the United States private medical system.

Amanda Silberling has compiled in an article for TechCrunch, the cases seen in the Mr. Beats videos. Do you know what those who have the Christmas Lottery Jackpot number that with the money they wantplug holes“? Well, that's why the participants go to the Mr. Beast challenges.

Mr. Beast is the solution that many Americans have to pay off their debts

For example, Suzie Taylor and Bailey Stanfield accepted the challenge of living for 100 days in a permanently lit and completely isolated room. A challenge that could be equivalent to the isolation that prisoners have in the United States, to get $185.000 each. One of them will use it to pay her father's debts, the other to pay household expenses.

Image of Mr Beast Burger burgers that have appeared in videos

In a challenge not to leave a circle with 99 other people, more than one who left prematurely got a few thousand dollars, and commented that what he will do with them is pay bills. Whoever accepted the challenge of living in a supermarket for 45 days for $250.000, he divided his expenses between debts, the mortgage and paying for the university education of his two children. Upon agreeing to live in the middle of a circle in the middle of a meadow, with limited food and drink for 100 days, participant Shawn Hendrix stated that “money what we are exchanging for our lives".

Even Mr. Beast recreated the same tests as the Squid Game series, which showed people sacrificing their lives to escape poverty, being entertainment for the rich. In the article, Amanda Silberling exposed the increasing debt that people are having to take on for higher education or medical expenses, which pushes these people to act as Mr. Beast's guinea pigs. The article makes visible the reasons why people accept these absurd challenges, which test the mental health of the participants. Mr. Beast's way of acting has been criticized numerous times for, although offering money to people who need it and it is good for them, doing it in charge of a show that benefits him as a supposed philanthropist.

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