They open investigation to YouTube for collecting and storing personal data of minors

Youtube receives an investigation for the possible collection and storage of data of minors who visited the site. He faces what may be another very serious case that calls him into question.

Although right now our companies have our data of different kinds, if a company collects and stores data on a child under the age of thirteen it may be in very serious trouble. Normally everyone does their part, but YouTube has problems again in this regard since an investigation has been opened in this regard to see if this is the case.

Possible collection of data from minors

According to various associations, YouTube would have violated the privacy of minors who visit the site in order to find better ways to offer ads, that is, the basic work of Google. The Federal Trade Commission, an exceptionally important department in the United States, has admitted the complaint and would be investigating the allegations in the coming months.

The groups of parents ensure that in addition to having personal data of children under 13 years of age, which under no circumstances can be done in the country, the web promotes content that we can classify as highly inappropriate.

Youtube is not free of problems

YouTube continues to have problems, mainly due to the impossibility of effectively controlling its content. Now they try to get serious, as it has been closing the channel of the extreme right group Vox, although later investigations would assume that in this case it is due to copyright issues.

They have recently remodeled the community norms to try to attack bullying more directly and they want to try to leave a place for the LGBT community to express itself and spread culture. However, the automatic demonetization of videos with collective terms or videos that talk about history, even without being conspiratorial and certainly without being denial, are seeing problems to be monetized and allow creators to earn a living.

With the collection of data from minors they can face a very large fine if they are and they would have to make even more changes, especially in the privacy of Youtube Kids.

Source New York Times

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