McAfee assures that governments cannot stop and regulate Bitcoin and that scares them and not a little

John McAfee, one of the biggest proponents of Bitcoin, talks about the inability of states to stop the adoption of Bitcoin and that it poses a problem for their income.

There are many defenders of cryptocurrencies, with a specific weight within different fields, although the most active in the defense of Bitcoin is John McAfee, who assures that there is nothing to fear regarding Bitcoin, only that the states play tricks through not being able to control cryptocurrencies. McAfee highlights that the obstacles to Bitcoin are the obsolete and moth-eaten governments, who are always late for everything and are fearful, that is why they want to stop this cryptocurrency, although he assures that they will not have the slightest success.

Ignorance and the impossibility of a government to manipulate Bitcoin, is what moves Internet users to support this cryptocurrency. For their part, governments, normally fearful of progress and often overtaken by it, are reacting with fear to this new trend. Cryptocurrencies are a response to the manipulation of banks and in order to suppress intermediaries in the economy, such as banks themselves or government agencies, which annoy more than help.

'Our income taxes are the biggest source of income, but if everyone is using Bitcoin, the government doesn't know what their income is. They cannot tax it, and if I decide to say that I have nothing, they cannot prove otherwise. In the long run it will scare all states, but no matter what they do, there is no way to create a law or legislate something that will stop Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency because technically you can't. ' John McAfee exposes

Logically, this decentralized economy is a problem for governments, because they lose the possibility of recording money with taxes, something that puts them in a bind, according to MGT Capital Investments Inc, whose boss is John McAfee. Obviously it is still a world in its infancy and one that needs to evolve a lot and solve many of the problems, such as a better system for managing capital. It is also necessary to take into account that security and education are lacking around the forks and what the market is. Governments try to get a trump card, something complicated and everything is committed to self-regulation, which sounds good, but is far from being a reality.

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