Monero updates its software, ahead of hardfork on September 15

Important update of the Monero software, before the hardfork arrives on September 15, which aims to improve the speed of transactions and their security.

Monero is one of the strongest currencies that has grown in recent weeks, greatly increasing in value after Bithumb added it to its cryptocurrency network. This currency, on the other hand, to continue offering great security and encrypted transactions, requires an update, which will be implemented on September 15 through a hardfork. The update has been dubbed Hellium Hydra v0.11.0.0 and has been rated as the most important software update of this cryptocurrency and implements some important improvements.

The implementation of this update in [amazon_textlink asin = '1974451550 ′ text =' Monero 'template =' ProductLink 'store =' hardwa028-21 ′ marketplace = 'ES' link_id = 'cc325835-95b5-11e7-89ee-0b5cfdb4dfa9 ′] is fundamental due to the forced bifurcation that will take place on September 15, which basically what it does is to increase the minimum size of the network ring signature, which means that the difficulty of mixing is increased in the signatures that hide the transaction and also ends with the duplication of signatures in the system. The new software version implements important improvements to this cryptocurrency, in addition to correcting a large number of errors.

This update is possible through 39 members of the Monero community, who would be working on the development of 557 computational assignments, which have no less than 60.254 lines of code, without charging anything, they are simply thanked for participating in the Monero software preview. What this update allows, among others, is to improve the synchronization speed, which increases a lot, as well as important improvements in the import of the blockchain. Support for smart mining has also been added to the Mac OS operating system.

The possibility of data leakage and loss of privacy when using unreliable remote nodes has been significantly improved, a 'fee' command has been implemented, which allows showing the surcharge when a transaction is made and they have added terms in Esperanto, an international language developed by the United Nations, among others.

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