The Nintendo 3DS YouTube app will shut down in September

Nintendo 3DS will lose the app as it is practically abandoned by Nintendo and the developers. The app helped a certain audience but YouTube does not see a match in keeping it active.

The Nintendo 3DS is effectively abandoned. There are hardly any games developed for it anymore and there are no more physical titles on the horizon after the release of Persona Q2. All development has turned towards the Nintendo Switch with a more active audience and more capabilities. That means that services like YouTube will stop working on the console.

YouTube won't go on Nintendo's latest laptop from September

Netflix and YouTube had a certain presence on the console since a notable number of users took advantage of portability to watch videos comfortably on the console if they did not have a mobile phone or computer at hand. But they need to be supported and in the case of Netflix it has already closed support for it. Now it's the turn of the YouTube app.

Its download was free and although it was not something important or highly promoted as part of the console's utilities, it has gotten some user out of trouble. But with the constant presence of mobile viewing and the abandonment of the Nintendo 3DS, the closure of the app is inevitable.

September 3 is when the YouTube application on Nintendo 3DS will stop working. As much as we try to connect, the application will not show anything and it is best to delete it to make room. A small loss for some users, but it must be understood that the console is in disuse and without more support than that of some updates by Nintendo to combat piracy, that despite the fact that they no longer release new games they can still get enough sales for Part of late buyers who see now as the best time to buy the console.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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