NVIDIA disappoints by not introducing the GTX 1080 Ti

NVIDIA disappoints at the CES 2017 press conference and ultimately fails to introduce the long-awaited NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti graphics card.

If a few days ago we criticized AMD for the New Horizon event where at least the Ryzen processor and a graphics with Vega GPU were supposed to be presented and in the end, practically nothing was seen and everything was theoretical data, today it is NVIDIA's turn. After creating a lot of hype with today's press conference, where theoretically I had to present the GTX 1080 Ti, we had to swallow an hour and a half of conference (AMD at least was good and it was only half an hour), where it has not said nothing interesting.

Among the highlights is the announcement that GeForce Experience will add streaming video sharing via Facebook Live. The NVIDIA Shield with Android has also been officially unveiled, designed for the living room and receiving a major update that allows it to play 4K HDR. Mass Effect Andromeda has also been shown, which will apparently be multiplayer and possibly enter the eSports ecosystem.

After many years, since it was known that NVIDIA was working on this, it becomes official that GeForce NOW will probably arrive this year. For those who do not know what this is, it is a system that regardless of the hardware we have and how old it is, we can play games without problems. NVIDIA will take care of rendering and moving the title in question and will send it to us on the screen. This will have an undetermined monthly cost and will probably have minimum hardware requirements, not excessively demanding, since it is designed to be used in old computers or laptops, without us having to update hardware and possibly require a minimum internet connection.

All this has happened quite quickly and the bulk of the conference has dealt with intelligent vehicles through their special plate for such purposes. He has explained a lot of technologies about it and they have put us a video. Then there has been a moment where there has been some complacency among the head of AUDI in the USA and that's it.

The truth is that it is very disappointing to wait for a press conference where theoretically they would have to show the GTX 1080 Ti and in the end stay in a boring conference, where Jen-Hsun Huang has been very involved and has not presented what theoretically it was going to be the flagship product that could compete with the AMD Vega graphics card (s). We remember that at 15:00 Spanish time it is the turn of AMD, which has a luxurious opportunity to give NVIDIA a good blow.

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