NVIDIA will not use HBM2 memory, due to the high cost of these graphics

Industry sources confirm the latest information that NVIDIA will not use HBM2 memory, they will use only GDDR5X memory, for offering good performance and having a much lower price.

We have been talking for several weeks about the new graphics cards based on the new NVIDIA Volta and about the technologies and components that will be integrated. Above all, we have been with the memories that these graphs will use for a long time, since there is a lot of talk about the GDDR5X and the HBM2, although we already know that we will not see the HBM2, due to the cost and manufacturing problems of these memories, it is possible that the memories GDDR6 that are present in any of the next graphics cards, possibly not in the first to hit the market, possibly in more powerful models.

This information is based on industry sources who guarantee that HBM2 will not be used due to the aforementioned problems and is that NVIDIA does not want to have stock problems or have to excessively raise the price of its graphics to maintain profit margins. NVIDIA did use HBM2 for professional products, because they offer good performance, but at the moment we will not see graphics from the general market due to the price of the HBM2. NVIDIA has integrated HBM2 memory into the GV100 GPU, the graphics core used in Pascals, leaving GDDR5X for gaming graphics.

It is clear that HBM2 memories offer a better quality memory bus, lower latency and lower voltages, but it seems that they are complex to develop, causing the costs of these memories to be very high and making it difficult for brands to be interested in them. AMD has opted for the HBM2 to enhance the performance of its graphics and possibly take its toll on the gaming market with prices somewhat higher than we might expect. Theoretically, there is little left for all this information to be contrasted and we are weeks or months away from seeing the new graphics solutions from AMD and NVIDIA.

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