NVIDIA TITAN V, a monster of graphics card for deep learning and Artificial Intelligence

NVIDIA has introduced the NVIDIA TITAN V, a graphics card monstrosity based on Volta and designed for deep learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Total madness has come in the form of a graphics card. The NVIDIA TITAN Xp, with 3840 CUDA Cores is no longer the most powerful graphics card on the market, because NVIDIA has once again surpassed itself with a new graphics card, such as the NVIDIA TITAN V, a graphics card monstrosity, which in this case it has not been developed for gaming. The TITAN Xp is a hybrid between the professional sector and the gamer, while the TITAN V is a graphic designed for deep learning and Artificial Intelligence.

This graphics card monstrosity features the GV100 GPU, a silicon developed on the Volta architecture, and a 12nm FFN manufacturing process. This GPU has a total of 5120 CUDA Cores and a total of 320 TMUs, you are working at a base frequency of 1200MHz and reaching 1455MHz in Boost mode. This graphics card has 12GB of HBM2 memory working at a frequency of 1.7GHz and a memory interface of 3072bits, which offers us a bandwidth of 653GB / s, in addition, it offers a computing performance of 15TFLOPS (Single Precission), which is four times the TITAN Xp and all with a 250W TDP. It will have a sale price of $ 2.999.

To date Volta has only been used for the professional segment and it seems that it will continue like this for now, because AMD with the Vega GPUs has not been able to present a real competition against the Pascal solutions from NVIDIA. Now, this move by NVIDIA to launch solutions only aimed at the professional segment based on Volta, makes us think that they have modified their product structure and NVIDIA Ampere, a rumor for now, could be a version of Volta for gaming with GDDR6 memories and possibly based on 10nm. A bifurcation of architectures, to launch more specialized products to the main segments of the company, gaming and Artificial Intelligence.

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