It is confirmed that USB-C will be mandatory in all devices in 2024

In recent months, we have been seeing news that the European Union, as the highest regulatory body worldwide; I wanted to vote in favor of making it mandatory that the USB-C connector be the connector with which to charge all electronic devices. After several months, the final vote has taken place, and when approved, USB-C will become the mandatory standard charging port in the countries of the European Union on various devices.

USB-C will be mandatory as a charging port for mobile phones, including smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and cameras, starting in 2024. Starting in 2026, this restriction will also apply to laptops.

The European Union approves that we do not need so many cables in Europe to charge mobiles if they are all USB-C

The goal of the law is to expand interoperability so that consumers can use their chargers with as many devices as possible. This is intended to reduce electronic waste.

corsair mm700 mouse pad usb c cable type usb-c

Although the same connector, USB-C, is officially accessible, there can be considerable performance discrepancies, for example. Fast charging technologies are the focus of concern. There are also concerns that it will work efficiently in digital cameras, earphones and headphones, handheld game consoles, speakers, e-readers, keyboards, mice, portable navigation systems, and headsets. Then there is the case of laptops, which are affected by those that run on up to 100 watts of electricity per concerns that the cables do not offer enough charge to be able to function fully with the USB-C cable connected.

In addition, the EU Parliament has mandated that unique labels inform consumers of the charging characteristics of each item. It will be necessary to inform yourself about the fast charging techniques available. There is the case of Apple, which had opposed the new regulations so as not to give up the Lightning port on iPhones. But with approval, Apple will be forced to adopt this strategy no later than 2024. if you want to take out your iPhone and iPad in Europe.

Many manufacturers will not be strongly affected. Today, almost everyone is adapting to USB-C, and it is rare that they opt for a proprietary connector or micro-USB. These will be affected little by this decision of the European Union.

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