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PC Builder Simulator is updated, to allow installing two graphics cards in one computer

It has been difficult, but the new update of PC Builder Simulator already implements the possibility of installing two graphics cards on a computer, something that until now was not allowed. A major update of the PC Builder Simulator game is here. Until now, this game only allowed the installation of a single graphics card, but from now on, the installation of Dual GPU configurations will be allowed, or what is the same, installing two graphics cards, something that could not be done and in what they have been working on lately. In order for this setup to work properly, we will need a bridge between the two graphics cards.

At the moment, they have only implemented a connection bridge, the SLI HB, but they emphasize that they are working with other partners of the game, to implement theirs in the shortest possible time. They emphasize that flexible SLI/CrossFire bridges will also appear. They emphasize that the game is in Early Access and that they are basing themselves on feedback from the public to correct errors and improve the gaming experience.

These are the improvements and fixes applied:

  • Dual GPU enabled to build a PC.
  • The 'Career Mode' tool updates will now be available in Free Build.
  • You can now restore the free creation mode save via the option on the Freebuild Options screen.
  • Fixed a bug with the Diagnostic and Repair job that meant it was not showing up correctly.
  • Fixed the ability to remove the fan section from the top area of ​​the C700P case before removing the fans from the case.
  • Fixed reference jobs appearing and requiring a score of 0.
  • Fixed an issue where the Auto Cable tool on the NZXT H440 case would connect the CPU fan to the wrong place.
  • Fixed incorrect CPU height data for PAEAN case, you should now be able to install a wider range of CPU coolers.
  • Fixed NZXT H440 Purple + White having wrong colors.

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