CORSAIR Announces Platform:6 Modular Computer Desk

The CORSAIR brand today introduced the Platform:6 Desk. It is a modular desk designed for the needs of gamers, content creators and active professionals. It has been designed after years of experience and gathering information on what potential customers need in a play and work space.

This modular desk combines premium materials with a high degree of customization and a host of features that improve the quality of life. Among its features it has an adjustable height, and cable distribution capacity.

This is how CORSAIR brings us a desktop for gamers and professionals on Platform:6

The Platform:6 desktop supports today's diverse lifestyles. It is ideal for the PC gamer, even for the remote worker who needs an organized workspace at home. It has a surface of almost two meters wide, which can be further expanded. It offers ample space for high-end PCs, full streaming rigs, and a variety of accessories.

Its many configurations offer features such as motorized adjustable height, choice of surface material, and an expandable rail system. Thus, a perfect Platform:6 system can be designed and fully adapted to the user using the CORSAIR online configurator to adapt it to your needs and your space. You can also choose from several predefined packages.

Designed with future expansion in mind, Platform:6 will grow and adapt with the user. Each Platform:6 incorporates a modular rail system that uses a universal standard aluminum T-channel cross member, side rails, and a top-mounted rail, offering compatibility with hundreds of aftermarket add-ons and accessories. CORSAIR lets your imagination run wild with flexible mounting methods for your own 3D-printed accessories.

All Platform:6s come standard with features to enhance the user's quality of life. Dual monitor arms allow for a dual monitor setup right out of the box. Its large cable management tray keeps cables hidden in a space that can also accommodate power strips. Its built-in desktop storage cubby, with USB Type-A and Type-C charging ports, offers even more cable management and small-item storage capabilities

The CORSAIR Platform:6 desktop will be available through the CORSAIR web store and the CORSAIR network of authorized retailers and resellers worldwide starting in Q2023 XNUMX. It is backed by the XNUMX-year warranty and CORSAIR customer service and technical support network.

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