CORSAIR shows its VIRTUOSO PRO open headphones for gamers and streamers

The CORSAIR brand announces the recent launch of a new latest addition to its range of VIRTUOSO headphones focused on gamers. These are open headphones for gaming and streaming under the name CORSAIR VIRTUOSO PRO.

The VIRTUOSO PRO headphones feature new graphene transducer technology along with a striking open design, offering realistic quality sound that is capable of rivaling studio headphones. Whether you're streaming, playing a high-intensity game, or creating, the VIRTUOSO PRO lets you hear what really matters.

CORSAIR brings the VIRTUOSO PRO headphones for those who want sound quality and to be able to hear in their surroundings

VIRTUOSO PRO is tailor-made to appeal to streamers and gamers alike. Its open and ventilated ear cups create a natural and spacious soundstage, giving games, movies and series a new dimension and realism, instead of offering a closed space. It also allows you to be in tune with your surroundings since the open headphones allow you to hear surrounding noises and be attentive to the doorbell or when they call you.

The VIRTUOSO PRO produce high-quality sound thanks to its 50mm graphene drivers, an emerging technology that improves headphone performance. Graphene, more rigid than usual transducers; eliminates distortion and provides acoustics rich in nuances and very precise. VIRTUOSO PRO audio transducers reveal layers of detail in games and content that previously went unnoticed.

The airflow through the earcups ensures your ears stay cool, even during long gaming sessions and movie marathons. Its headband adapts to the head, and together with its memory foam pads, it allows for prolonged listening. The CORSAIR VIRTUOSO PRO works together with the software The cat Wave Link to mix, balance and orchestrate multiple audio sources at once.

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