Mars Gaming Launches New MH122 Gaming Headset

Mars Gaming has announced the launch of the new MH122 gaming headset. These headphones are made up of an ultra-light structure and an ultra-comfortable ergonomic design. Its design with side RGB Flow lighting allows you to personalize them, and they also offer professional communication through the integrated microphone with its passive noise cancellation system.

Its ultralight ergonomic design is combined with Fixed RGB Rainbow lighting to add a touch of style to any gaming setup. They will allow us to play for hours without problems due to the comfort they offer the user, ideal for longer gaming sessions or series marathons in front of the PC.

Mars Gaming launches quality gaming headsets at a very affordable price

The MH122 from Mars Gaming reproduce the sound with a professional quality, so that you get fully involved in each game, together with its bass enhancement and spatiality to offer a superior experience dedicated to the most gamers. A Its 50mm neodymium magnets and biological membranes guarantee total multi-level sound fidelity. With this, the MH122 carcasses become an ideal choice for the most demanding online gaming games, to get excited about series and movies or to fully enjoy your favorite music list.

The structure of the Mars Gaming MH122 has been designed to provide comfort for many hours of continuous use. The set is ultralight, adaptable and resistant. Its memory-foam pads and its extra-large size allow you to reduce the pressure on your ears as much as possible, making it possible for you to be with them for hours without even realizing it.

Its flexible microphone provides clear and crisp sound thanks to its noise filtering and high-quality capsule. Thus it becomes an ideal microphone for perfect communication during your online games. The ear cushions of the MH122 have a covering of premium materials and foam that adapts perfectly to you and offers passive noise cancellation that will allow you to concentrate and enjoy total immersion to the fullest. All this, while the recommended PVP of the Mars Gaming MH122 is only 14,90 euros.

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