Mars Gaming shows its MMWERGO wireless mouse

Wireless technology is increasingly established in the world of gaming peripherals. They went from being an office automation option to have no cables to have more and more capabilities, like the MMWERGO mouse from Mars Gaming.

An optical sensor up to 3200DPI, and professional KAIL mechanical switches are some of the options offered by the MMWERGO mouse from Mars Gaming. It also does so with wireless technology with energy saving systems and great comfort.

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Mars Gaming offers us a high quality mouse with the MMWERGO

For years, wireless mice and keyboards have been known for offering only wireless technology and nothing else. Latency, low resistance and consumption have been factors that made it not recommended beyond offices, but little by little we see more ambitious options. Wireless mice for gamers are thriving and Mars Gaming with its MMWERGO wants to enter that sector.

The Mars Gaming MMWERGO mouse has been designed based on numerous ergonomic studies to offer great comfort even after long hours of use. It has a perfect natural tilt angle that allows the palm of the hand to rest and has finger zones on both sides that do not force an unnatural twist on the wrist. Its surface is finished to offer a soft and pleasant touch to the palm of the hand.

The optical sensor of the Mars Gaming MMWERGO mouse reaches 3200 and has two other profiles with 800 and 1600; together with KAILH mechanical switches for high precision and long service life. And the fact of being wireless does not imply that it has a latency, since its transmission reaches 2,4 GHz to guarantee a fast and lossless transmission. Finally, it has been observed that its battery is durable and replaceable in the case of failures by means of a system that turns off the optical sensor when it is not being used, along with the total absence of RGB lighting.


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