Introduced the new Antec P10 Flux silent chassis

Antec has presented the new P10 Flux chassis, a highly silent chassis designed for those looking for a computer that does not make noise

We've gotten used to the fact that all chassis should have a side window and a fair amount of RGB. But there is a segment that seeks quality solutions and to be able to be without lights. Antec knows this well and that is why it has launched the P10 FLUX system, a chassis designed to dampen the loudness of systems. This closed chassis mitigates much of the noise from the system and the front part opens when we need air flow.

Antec P10 Flux, a chassis that combines silence with good cooling capacity

The new chassis of Antec's silent range seeks to mitigate the noise that the fans can generate as much as possible. In addition to being a closed chassis created to be highly silent, it has great cooling capacity. The Antec P10 Flux has three front fans to cool the system.

This chassis has a kind of front door that can be opened to the side that interests us with the press of a button. Thus the fans increase in revolutions and the temperature of the system will quickly drop.

This chassis has an additional fan just above the power supply. This allows air to move from the opening on the right side. All thought of minimizing airflow clipping when we have the front cover.

This Antec P10 Flux chassis offers us compatibility with liquid cooling radiators up to 360mm in the front. In the upper part we cannot install anything because this area is completely closed.

Internally this chassis supports ATX, micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards. It additionally supports graphics cards up to 405mm, heatsinks up to 175mm high and power supplies up to 205mm. In addition, we can space to install three 3.5 ″ hard drives or three 2.5 ″ hard drives, in addition to three spaces dedicated exclusively to 2.5 ″ units.

The Antec P10 Flux chassis goes on the market for a price of 90 euros. It should be noted that this type of system is more focused on those who are dedicated to professional editing and require low noise.

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