ASUS RoG Falchion, a keyboard with Cherry MX switches in 65% format

We can find a large number of gaming keyboards on the market according to the needs of users. ASUS also wants to offer its solutions of high quality and performance. That is why they have announced the ASUS RoG Falchion, a highly compact keyboard with RGB lighting. This is a 65% type keyboard, or what is the same, some keys are combinations.

In addition to not having a numeric keyboard, it also lacks the function keys (F). The function keys have been integrated with the upper numeric keypad and are activated by key combination. We thus have an even more compact keyboard than the Tenkeyless that lack a numeric keypad.

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Introduced the new ASUS RoG Falchion keyboard

Its compact design makes it highly portable, as it takes up much less space than other keyboards. In addition to its 65% design, this one is also wireless, which eliminates the cumbersome cable. A different bet and that surely many gaming fans will appreciate it.

This ASUS keyboard lacks nothing, as it also features Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches. We can customize each of the keys with ASUS 'own software. It has an 'interactive touch panel', a solution developed by ASUS that is nothing more than a touch strip that allows you to adjust the volume or scroll.

👉 If you want to know more about Cherry MX mechanical switches 👈


Regarding wireless connectivity, it is based on the 2.4GHz frequency of 'gaming category', offering a response of 1ms. The battery of this keyboard lasts up to 400 hours, as long as we turn off the lights. A cover is included so that it can be carried without scratching or otherwise damaging it.

ASUS RoG Falchion for now it has no date or price market. It is possible that it is around 150 euros, taking into account the touch volume adjustment, the mechanical switches and that it is wireless.

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