A benchmark of Lenovo's exclusive AMD Ryzen 7 7840S APU appears

Lenovo's upcoming Yoga Air 14s 2023 Ryzen Edition ultra-thin laptop is known will incorporate an exclusive variant of AMD's 7040 “Phoenix” APU series. After several delays after being announced at the beginning of the year, laptops with these mobile chipsets are beginning to arrive for distribution to consumers.

AMD and Lenovo partnered to introduce a special eight-core Ryzen 7 7840S APU into the latter's laptops, with a custom 30W TDP profile. This APU would be designed exclusively to adapt to the thin and light design of the Yoga Air.

The Phoenix AMD Ryzen 7 7840S APU for the Lenovo Yoga Air goes through a benchmark

Some users have already gotten their hands on Ryzen 7 7840HS-equipped laptops. They confirm that this particular APU It has a TDP of 45 W, which also have the variants 7840H specific for the Chinese market.

AMD Ryzen 7 7840S APU

The MyDrivers review team has been testing the Lenovo Yoga Air 14s 2023 Ryzen Edition. PC Mark's results suggest that the battery lasts 10 to 11 hours of normal operation, and with lighter office tasks they extend that figure to 14 hours. Its 14,5-inch OLED screen would be one of the most notable features of this laptop. The analyst observed an overall performance difference of 5% in a series of performance tests, with the 9W Ryzen 7940 45HS APU narrowly outperforming the 30W version.

Said Lenovo Yoga Air offers performance that could rival larger laptops. He also highlighted its price, about 1.095 US dollars, which would be very difficult to find an equivalent laptop in that price range.

Source: Tech Power Up

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