ROG Ally, rival to the ASUS Steam Deck; she is not an innocent, she exists

Last April 1st was April's Fools Day, which is the more international equivalent of the Day of the Innocent Saints. There, any publication or brand can take some liberty to work a joke, and that any idea they show will be taken with a certain amount of innocence. One of the things that was shown that day that the Asus ROG Ally, a supposed rival of the Steam Deck that would have better performance, if true.

But it turns out that it exists and it was not an innocent. The ASUS ROG Ally portable gaming system exists, and compared to the Steam Deck, it will offer higher levels of performance, lower noise levels, and a higher-quality display.

Asus wants to take on the Steam Deck with the ROG Ally

The ROG Ally abandons the use of SteamOS in favor of Windows to offer greater compatibility of games so as not to have to emulate them through Pronton. Its smaller and lighter form factor will make it more portable than Valve's Steam Deck. Can be connected to ASUS XG Mobile GPU, which will allow users to augment this system with the power of an RTX 4090.

It will be equipped with a custom AMD SOC, featuring a 4nm Zen 4 processor including an RDNA 3 graphics chip. Dave2D took a first look at the system, and was able to verify that its SOC is twice as powerful as the AMD SOC of the Steam Deck. This will make it possible for games to run in higher resolution and with a higher framerate.

It has a 7-inch screen, but Full HD 1080p resolution (1920 × 1080 resolution) that supports refresh rates of 120Hz. 2D Dave also pointed out that the screen ASUS uses produces better colors and offers brightness levels of up to 500 nits. To be in a portable form factor, it has dual-fan cooling with noise levels of 20dB.

It is seen that the ROG Allly is designed for play controller-compatible games, since it lacks the trackpads that emulate the movement of a trackball to move the cursor. This will cause many games like graphic adventures or strategy titles to not handle as well as on a Steam Deck. For now there is nothing more about this device. But Asus ensures that it does not exist, so we will see it in the future.

Source: Overclok3d

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