Component shortages for all of next 2021

During 2020 the sale of desktops and laptops has skyrocketed worldwide due to the pandemic. A volume of sales that has not been seen since the iPhone was launched in 2007. Industry executives and analysts indicate they are months away from fulfilling pending orders. A shortage of components that is expected to last all year 2021.

Distance learning and telecommuting have boosted the IT industry during the pandemic. "The entire supply chain has been strained like never before," said Gregg Prendergast, President of Pan-America at Acer. In addition, companies like Foxconn had to close doors due to staff shortages due to the pandemic.

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Severe delays in the hardware industry due to the pandemic

The historical maximum for the sale of laptops and desktops was in 2008 when 300 million units were sold. The number had been falling until falling below 250 million teams. It seemed quite difficult to increase sales, something that has happened.

According to analysts, sales in 2020 have far exceeded 300 million systems sold. This represents an increase of approximately 15% compared to last year. Tablets have even seen more growth.

Canalys indicates that in 2021 there will be some 1.770 million tablets and PCs operating, compared to 1.640 million in 2019. The pandemic has caused many homes to have to purchase new equipment to study from home or to work from home.

A demand that has forced the few manufacturers of these systems to accelerate to meet the demand. This has meant adding suppliers, speeding up distribution and putting aside projects for next year. But it was not enough.

Components such as displays and processors would be quite difficult to come by due to the shutdown of some factories due to the coronavirus, according to analysts. They highlight that sales forecasts for 2021 would be higher if it weren't for supply problems.

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Major Component Supply Shortage Issues for the Hardware Market

Ishan Dutt, an analyst at Canalys, says a salesperson told him in April that any device with a keyboard would suffice if it arrived in a week. The urgency has lessened, but now people want to improve their systems, putting more pressure on the industry, according to Dutt.

Ryan Reith, Vice President of IDC indicates that the encouragement of various governments for schools and businesses could see the crisis drag on until 2022.

New IT equipment to hit the market is expected to address new needs. Better cameras and speakers for video conferencing would be the main improvements. More models with ARM SoCs will arrive, adding support for 4G and 5G technologies.

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