Fujitsu Launches CELSIUS H7613 Portable WorkStation for Professionals

Fujitsu has presented within the framework of the NVIDIA GTC the new CELSIUS H7613. It's your ultimate portable WorkStation for professionals who demand performance, versatility and high workloads. This model is 10 millimeters thinner and 500 grams lighter than its predecessor, and up to 400% more powerful when running graphics-intensive applications such as Catia, Siemens, Creo and video rendering.

Powered by the NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada professional GPU for laptops, this Fujitsu workstation supports real-time 8K video playback. It delivers accelerated computing, AI, and rendering power to power real-time ray tracing, simulation, AI training and inference, VR workloads, and more.

Fujitsu launches a new mobile workstation for professionals

Today, the great graphic professionals demand versatile screens to be able to carry out their work efficiently and comfortably. To meet that need, the CELSIUS H7613 comes equipped with a 16-inch 4K resolution display with support for Adobe RGB and HDR adjustments. It also has 5G connectivity, providing high-speed online access anytime, anywhere. The speed of its connectivity allows you to download an entire season of a Netflix series in just four seconds.

In terms of security to keep files and data protected, it uses various biometric authentications. From Windows Hello, through a fingerprint sensor and Fujitsu PalmSecure. All this makes unlocking easy for the user and hassle-free, and at the same time ensuring data is always protected.

Upgrades and repairs are easy thanks to Fujitsu's Service Door, which allows for easy component changes and quick repairs. Opening the lid means removing a single screw before changing the memory, storage or battery, ensuring a long lifespan for the new CELSIUS.

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