The best laptops with AMD CPUs for Back to School 2023

We're not even halfway through summer vacation. after a few general elections marked by vote by mail Because many people had vacations planned, it's the month of August, but then it's September with the return to school, the ideal time to change laptops taking advantage of the new academic year. And it is that with a new course, new didactic units, cooperative work, and even distance classes through videoconference, if you pride yourself, having an outdated laptop that is barely capable of running basic programs can hinder learning increasingly based on interactive units.

For this reason, AMD and its partners present us with a series of laptops for this Back to School 2023. If you have questions about how to improve the laptop of your children, nephews, cousins ​​or godchildren, or even your own for remote work, there is below several suggestions of the best equipment with AMD technology.

Hardcore Gaming and Creator range

It is common for many people to pick up a laptop just to study, but then they see that they have chosen a low-end option and it does not allow them to play what they want. These laptops for Back to School 2023 allow you to do homework or work remotely, and when you're done, they allow you to play cutting-edge games.

Asus ROG Strix G17

The ROG Strix G17 laptop has various configurations with up to an AMD CPU Ryzen 9 7945HX and up to 32 GB of DDR5 memory. With this high-end configuration, a highly responsive experience is guaranteed. Its compatibility with PCIe 4.0 SSD means that you will never have to wait again to transfer large files to virtual classrooms or load game screens. So, you have a laptop that serves both to play as for the demanding tasks of university and degree.

HP Omen 16

This model is presented as an ideal one to accompany you wherever you are. Powered by an AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processor, it comes regulated by improved internal cooling. The high-resolution display, smooth frame rates, and anti-glare features mean you can get things done in any condition, plus watch movies and TV shows in the best possible quality.

Core Gaming Range

Laptops for gaming, albeit without the most powerful graphics settings.

HP Victor 16

This compact Victus 16 packs the power of a desktop computer to keep up with the biggest games and the best gamers. And it does it in a small portable size that is easy to carry, so you can play games on the train or in the cafeteria, after doing class work.

HP Victor 15

Designed to fully enjoy PC games. This stylish laptop features a powerful AMD processor. Its design is just as impressive as its hardware, with plenty of color options, updated thermals, and an HD camera with temporary noise reduction.

Laptops for everyday

Those laptops that can handle restrained games, but above all, they have enough performance and efficiency so that work and classes do not resist.

Acer Swift Edge 16"

Situated on the line between power and performance, and portability to take anywhere without bulk or weight, this Acer Swift Edge laptop features a thin and light design. It comes equipped with hardware for the current demands of Artificial Intelligence. So you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to be productive and attend classes anywhere. Its resistance is due to an ultra-thin and incredibly light aluminum alloy chassis, with the optimized power consumption of AMD Zen 4 architecture to be able to be used for extended periods of use without connection to the mains. It incorporates AMD Radeon graphics to enjoy games.

Acer Swift 3

This Acer laptop offers great performance in a lightweight casing, so you can work, study and consume multimedia content wherever you are. It uses AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors, AMD Radeon graphics and a display with high brightness levels, so you can enjoy it even at night.

HP Envy 15

Designed with the perfect balance between productivity and entertainment, this 2-in-1 laptop has a touch screen that makes can be used at any time. With a new architecture and high battery life, it offers exceptional multi-threaded processing and AMD Radeon graphics for intensive multimedia tasks.

Laptops under 700 euros for the Back to School 2023

If what you are looking at is the price, the following laptops are ideal for the Vuelta

Acer Aspire 3

With the latest AMD Ryzen processors, and with Radeon graphics, this model is ideal for use cases for the whole family. Combine performance and productivity. It's perfect for getting more out of work, study, or play, and at a fairly affordable price range.

Asus Vivabook

This laptop has been designed to offer greater productivity and entertain you wherever you go. With its 180° flat hinge, ONE physical webcam protection, and thoughtful design features, it makes this Vivobook Go 15 OLED model a a perfect laptop for those who need to renew their laptop for the Back to School 2023 but they look through your pocket a lot. It is equipped with a processor AMD Ryzen 5 7520U with Radeon graphics, 8 GB of LDDR5 memory and 512 GB of storage to help you complete all your tasks.

HP 15

Take on the day with an AMD processor with Radeon graphics, long battery life, ample storage, and fast wireless connections—all with reliable technology, world-class power, and rock-solid performance that turn your to-do lists into to-do lists.

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