Alder Lake processors do not have the same area and that affects cooling

Intel finally revealed the Interl Core series of CPUs from 12th Generation Alder Lake, with one of the peculiarities that the socket has had to be changed and therefore manufacturers have had to remove adapters so that users can continue to use their liquid coolers. But in terms of refrigeration it does not end there because it has been seen that even within the same generation there are disparities in sizes that can affect refrigeration.

MSI revealed that there are two varieties of desktop versions of Alder Lake: one with a chip capable of holding up to 8 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores; followed by a version less with up to 6 performance cores and no efficiency cores. The larger of the two has a surface area of ​​215 square millimeters, while the smaller has a surface area of ​​163 millimeters.

Before the surface of your Intel Alder Lake CPU

A comparison of these two chips that MSI has published reveals that the hot spots are located in different areas on each chip. This can result in cooling problems because what would work for one model would not work for the other.

The ratio of performance cores to efficiency cores changes depending on the specific model, causing them to have such a disparity in size. Chips containing only P cores will be added later in the development cycle.

The Intel Core Alder Lake i9-12900K (F), i7-12700K (F), and i5-12600K (F) processors do not use the combination of only six performance cores because they are equipped with the most cost-effective Gracemont cores. Intel is expected to unveil the first processors using the smallest chip early next year, including the i3 and Pentium variants, which will require their own cooling solutions.

Source: Guru3D

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