Android 10 will warn if the USB port has problems

One of the novelties of Android 10 is a notice that informs us of problems in the USB port when charging. It will be momentarily disabled and we will be given information on how to fix it.

Although the list of what's new in Android 10Those are only the ones that have been officially announced and some that have been found in the BETAs. There are still new features to discover and now a security improvement is coming out. We are not talking about security at the software level, if not at the level of physical components, this time on the USB port.

And now with Android 10 they want to protect our devices, since if the device finds problems in the USB port, it will disconnect it. It is a measure that will help not to destroy the mobile without our knowing it. Of course, it is not completely deactivated, but rather for the connection through software and can be deactivated.

Protection for USB port

What the phone does is detect if there is liquid or dirt that could damage the battery or the USB port. In case of encountering problems, the load is deactivated and a message appears warning us of the problems that exist. We can read a way to overcome it, close the message or re-enable it on our own. If we leave it disabled, it will be enabled again when the UBS port is ready again.

This function has been in Samsung and Apple mobiles for a while, but being a function of the Android 10 operating system it will be an improvement for all mobiles. Another new functionality, also related to the USB port, is to protect it from overheating. If the system detects an abnormally high temperature in the port, it will prompt to disconnect the charging cable or any attached accessories, until the temperature returns to normal.

This measure is appreciated, as it will increase the useful life of the batteries for those who are unlucky enough to have dirt and humidity. Repairs are becoming more common and less expensive, but damage is worth avoiding.

Source PhoneArena

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