Android will warn of unknown Bluetooth trackers

One of the most widespread uses of the Apple AirTag has been to place them in cars or people's bags, and track your position for theft or espionage. In theory it was to attach it to the backpack or keys and thus be able to find them quickly, but illicit uses have been found for them and they violate privacy and are a real security problem. That's why Apple has been rolling out alerts for these unknown AirTags if they find a tracker that isn't registered, and Android will start doing it in future updates.

Google will start rolling out a new security feature today, in the form of unknown tracker alerts. This feature will allow Android users to automatically receive an alert if an unknown Bluetooth device is traveling with them if it has a signal that could indicate the possibility that they are being tracked with Apple AirTag or another Bluetooth tracking device. You can manually scan for trackers with your Android device and receive help if a tracking device is found.

Android begins to take into account the security problem that trackers are

In February 2022, Apple said that would work to fix the problems created with the new devices by adding new warnings and privacy alerts. He added that they were actively working with law enforcement on the AirTag-related requests he receives. But Apple's changes to AirTag back then didn't benefit Android users.

In May, Apple and Google jointly announced their intention to write an industry-wide specification. It will focus on how to alert users to unwanted tracking of Bluetooth devices. The specification is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

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Google said at I/O in May that it would introduce a number of improvements to its own Find My Device for Android network, and proactive alerts about trackers. They will have support for Apple AirTag and other devices. If the device is found, advice will be provided on how to completely disable the Bluetooth device so that the owner can no longer track it. You can also manually scan your environment for nearby Bluettoth trackers. It will take about 10 seconds for the device to complete the manual scan.

Source: Tech Crunch

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